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I am greatly honored to have the opportunity to address this message to our customers.
The company dates back to 1901, when gypsum began to be extracted from the Yoshino mine in Yamagata prefecture in Japan. Since then, the company has devoted itself to the gypsum industry.
Yoshino Gypsum's main product is non-combustible building material "Tiger Board" (plasterboard). Our sales network directly connected with major sales agents throughout Japan have enabled the company to always lead the stable development of the gypsum industry.
Plasterboard was invented in the United States about a century ago. Twenty years later, Yoshino Gypsum imported the most advanced technology and began producing the first plasterboard with a brand name "Tiger Board" in Japan.
Since then, the company has done research and development independently on by-product gypsum (synthetic gypsum) such as desulfogypsum generated through flue gas desulfurization in power plants because Japan has little gypsum reserves. These R&D has enabled us to accumulate a vast amount of valuable technological know-how regarding the effective use of gypsum.
The company's technology now ranks at the highest level in the world. It has forged cross-licensing agreements with the world's most famous companies in the United States, European countries and Australia. We are willing to contribute to the creation of a safe and comfortable living environment. We are determined that Yoshino Gypsum has a goal to contribute to the efficient use of natural resources and energy and also to the conservation of global environment.

Company Profile
Name of Company Yoshino Gypsum Co.,Ltd
Date Founded March 2nd 1937
Head Office Shin-Tokyo Bldg., 3-1,
Marunouchi 3-chome,
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005
  • Manufacture and sell produces that use gypsum as the raw material.
  • Manufacture and sell gypsum and calcined gypsum.
  • Mining and sale of gypsum ore.
  • Production and sale of building materials
  • Real estate leasing and management
  • Leasing of aircraft,ships,and other transportation equipment
  • Indstrial waste disposal industry
  • All activities related to those activities listed above.

Turn Over
Turn Over(M2) (Statistics reported by Gypsum Board Industry Association)
2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
5.86 5.68 4.40 4.40 4.69 4.50

Market Share
Market Share of Tiger Board
Tiger Board accounts for about 78% of plasterboard market in Japan

Harmonized Production with Global Environment
We have been actively engaged in "Global Environmental Conservation Issues" since our earliest days, and have successfully established various techniques and facilities which take into consideration the global environment. These include an efficient technology for using gypsum byproduct as a raw material, a recycling system collecting waste gypsum board from construction sites and the reuse of it at our plants and a gypsum board liner production system using recycled paper.
We always aim to continue developing our production systems with great consideration for the limited natural resources of the world, in order to maintain harmony within the global environment.

Products Creating Healthy Living Environment
Our corporate mission is to provide our customers and consumers with products bringing Safety (Fire Resistance) and Comfort (Sound Insulation·Heat Insulation·Air Refreshment) to their living spaces.
We provide a wide range of products including dental gypsum products, soil conditioner as well as building and construction products.

We take pride in our vibrant human resources.
Yoshino has grown into one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of gypsum building materials, with over 100 years of experience in the field. This has been achieved through the considerable ongoing support we receive from our customers. We aim to continue providing high-quality products and services with honesty in the sprit of challenge.

Corporate history
1901 Started mining gypsum at Yoshino Mine in Yamagata Prefecture; the company was named after this mine.
1913 Started production of industrial plaster for the first time in Japan.
Incorporated into Yoshino Sekko Seizojo to produce and market SAKURA-brand gypsum.
1921 Became Japan's first producer and distributor of plasterboards under the trademark of TIGER BOARD.
1937 Reincorporated into Yoshino Gypsum Co., Ltd. on March 2, 1937.
1948 Yoshino Gypsum extended its special board production technology and technical assistance service to other manufacturers for the benefit of the building material industry.
1955 Succeeded in commercialization of by-product gypsum first in the world as a new plastering material under the name YN PLSTER.
1959 The Akita Plant of Tohoku Yoshino Gypsum, a joint venture with Tohoku Fertilizer Co. was established for utilization of phosphogypsum.
1961 The Takasago Plant of Ryoka Yoshino Gypsum Co. was established in Hyogo Prefecture and started manufacturing rimmed plasterboards by means of Japan's first full-automation system.
Takasago Paper Mill became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yoshino Gypsum, supplying plasterboard liners.
1964 President Eiji Sudo, founder of YOSHINO GYPSUM and pioneer in Japan's gypsum industry, died. He was awarded the Fifth Class Order of the Rising Sun for his outstanding service to the industry.
1968 Business tie-up agreement concluded with Rigips Baustoffwerke, a German gypsum manufacturer.
1974 Naoshima Yoshino Gypsum Co., Ltd. Naoshima plant was completed.
1977 Technical tie-up agreement concluded with National Gypsum, a leading gypsum manufacturer in the United States.
1978 Capital increased to 600 million YEN.
1979 Technical tie-up agreement concluded with CSR, a leading Australian company.
1980 80th anniversary of the company's founding was celebrated.
1988 Tsuneo Sudo retired as president and became chairman; Eiichiro Sudo succeeded his position as president.
Chairman Tsuneo Sudo was awarded the Third Class Order of the Rising Sun for his outstanding service to the industry.
1989 Completed a wharf for large ships for Yoshino's own use in Chiba Prefecture.
Entered a financial tie-up with Sanyo Paper Mill Co.
1990 90th anniversary of the company's founding was celebrated in Tokyo and other cities throughout Japan.
The "Yoshino Gypsum 90-year Chronicle" was published.
The annual sales reached over 100 billion YEN.
1991 Miyako Calcination was established as Vermiculite calciner.
President Eiichiro Sudo was appointed Chairman of the Gypsum Board Industry Association and Chairman Tsuneo Sudo became Counselor of the Association.
1992 Noshiro Yoshino Gypsum Co., a joint venture with Toh-hoku Electric Co., was established for utilization of desulfogypsum from its power plant.
Sohma Gypsum Co. was established for utilization of desulfogypsum from Sohma power plant of Toh-hoku Electric Co.
1993 Technical tie-up agreement was concluded with BPB plc, an Europe's largest gypsum products manufacture.
Kita-kyushu plant was commissioned with the state-of-the art technology.
1994 Computerized online system brought online by our Information Systems Division.
1995 Gypsum rock import agreement was concluded with Dampier Salt (a subsidiary of CRA/RTZ), Western Australia's natural crude gypsum producer.
Commenced a plant establishment project in Shikoku Island of Japan.
1998 Yoshino Gypsum Group received certification for the international quality management principles, ISO 9001, 9002.
2000 Restarted plasterboard liner production at Takasago Paper Mill after the installation of a new paper machine.
2003 ISO 9000:2000 transition has been completed.

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